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Konstantin Nevretdinov

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"Tap Dance on Hands"

To learn more about the number see "Tap Dance on Hands".

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"Fantasia for piano and shoes solo"

Classical music and tap dance: merge of melody and rhythm. At a piano - the laureate of All-Union contest (1985), laureate if the 1-st Moscow festival "Inspiration" (in commemoration of K. Shulzhenko) Andrey Katichev.

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If a dear grandson straddles on a common old lady - are You laughing already? It's possible to imagine what is going on. But on the stage such grannies also dashingly tapdance with grandsons sitting on their shoulders. That's the person whom we can envy in her old age.
This number, full of humour and sarcasm, is usually very warmly met by the audience. The more so, as the performer of the granny's and the grandson's roles is the same person.

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He and She, what can be triter? But if He and She - they are pinguins, elicidating their relationship, tapdancing to inflammatory modern processed melody "Letka-Yenka", famous to all - that becomes very interesting and catchy show.

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