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Konstantin Nevretdinov

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The Moscow tap-dancers will soon have their own club - a club, where all those who are tap dance professionals, all those, who is going to join to tapdancers, all those, who want to see an exciting tap dance show, will have the ability to meet and entertain.

The unique tap dance show wii be on. Even our barman tapdances while making cocktails and waiters add fiery tap dance rhythms to the dishes which they're bringing. Not only jazz of thirties will You hear, but also modern music. Not only the traditional tap dance will you see, but also many really incredible things. Not only a great show will You see, but You'll also taste wonderful cocktails, tapdance styled. Only here it is possible to see the legengary "Tap Dance on Hands".

Our club is going to open October 5. The club is located in "Yolochka" cafe (m. "Biblioteka imeni Lenina", Mokhovaja str., 5).

Here the scheme of the city to reach the cafe is available.

On this page we are going to inform You on all interesting programmes and meetings, which are going to be on in the club. We also invite You to the opening of the club on October 5. For all the necessary information and ticket order contact us: 231-99-94 or e-mail: konstan@orc.ru.

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